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Best face forward

It has taken two nights but I’ve finally figured out the redesign.  The original minimalist thing I had going served its purpose well when I was posting sporadically, but I wanted something a little more eye-catching going forward.  I still have some kinks to work out, trying to learn a bit of CSS to make it look smoother, but I think it’s a great look to start with.

The theme I picked through WordPress Premium has a bigger focus on photos.  Each post needs a photo regardless of the relevance.  Some, like this one, don’t necessarily need a photo as this is just a life update so I’m using it as an opportunity to showcase my photography from past trips.  The picture on this post was taken at Giant’s Causeway in beautiful Northern Ireland the last time Molly was here.

Now that I’m back on overnights, I’ve stayed up all night the past two days working on my blog; restructuring the category tags, adding photos to the most recent posts to make the initial homepage look complete, generating ideas for the guide articles and future posts.  I feel this time around the transition hasn’t been as rough — having something to work on and being productive has given me direction outside of the office.  It’s something I need to keep the order.

I got back into my ballet classes last week.  I hadn’t been since February because of my crazy schedule at work but I regretted not making time for it.  I decided I’d commit and follow through because it really is something I enjoy.  It turns out, my teacher is putting together a dance showcase for June and we (adult beginners-improvers class) were asked if we’d like to participate.  She showed us the barre and center routines.  The dance was so pretty, it made me really excited to work toward learning it.

I’m trying to limit my activities knowing how tired work makes me.  It’s not feasible to make multiple commitments because it’s clear I don’t end up doing most of them.  For now I’m going to focus on dancing and writing outside of work.  I finished an article about teaching abroad in Spain for Go Overseas, and a few days later was assigned a piece on the cost of studying abroad there.  I’m happy to have work coming in outside of my personal endeavors.

Last Monday I bought a ticket to Madrid for the end of May.  Since I screwed up the last trip, I wanted to finally get back to Spain and do it right.  I owe Rob a fancy dinner to reimburse him for all the stuff he paid for that I flaked on.  Aside from an outing to a classy restaurant, we’ll hopefully take a day trip to do some hiking (should the weather cooperate).  Obviously, brunch at Carmencita and a cocktail or two at La Pasa are on the docket, as well.

I had my 31st birthday on the 9th and have been feeling really positive about the coming year and new challenges.  I’m using some of my professional development funds at work to learn Korean and am surprised at how my Spanish has improved by just working through the Spanish content on shift.  I see both serving me well in the near future.

It’s 4:30 am here and I’ll be up for another couple hours just to keep my sleep schedule constant.  I have all of Monday to work on this latest freelance assignment then will hopefully catch a free jazz gig at East Side before work at 11 pm; nice way to start the week.

Happy Monday and cheers to a new look!


  1. WOW! The page just pops. The photographs are beautiful, really a lovely change to the other format.

  2. Great photo! The new design works well. Love reading that you are dancing as well as writing and traveling. Cheers!

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