Write Life

Making it official

I did something today I should have done when I first started this blog — I signed up for WordPress Premium.  I got to pick a sweet .com domain, have access to new customization features, and best of all, no more ads.  The ads weren’t wholly apparent on the mobile site, but on the desktop version they were dubious at best.  One of my coworkers commented that she saw one that was pseudo-porn which was embarrassing given the fact most legit blogs with ads choose the advertisers.

So here I am getting one step closer to being legit.  My second task is to, of course, produce more content; an obvious objective for someone who wants to make it in the world of travel blogging.  This though has been a point of contention for me as I’ve transitioned from someone who is just straight up lazy to a new freelance writer dedicating valuable time to outside projects.  I need to prioritize if I’m going to get anywhere.

I’ve agonized over this off and on but recently it has become a constant nagging in the back of my head.  There are a lot of travel bloggers out there.  Some incredibly talented, some mediocre, and some just downright bad.  Regardless of my snobbery, these people are getting readers, making a name for themselves, and some have even become self-supporting from blogging alone.  While I am far off from the last, I think I have the potential to be successful.  What it comes down to is whether I want to just talk about it or if I want to be about it.

I’ve never been good at any sort of self-discipline but it’s becoming a lame excuse for not taking what I feel is within my reach.  I still want to spend a decent amount of time pursuing paid freelance work, but I need to put my own content first if I’m going to move forward.  While I still want this to largely be a living memoir, I plan to add more far-reaching posts focusing on the act of travel itself.  I want to write that “best old man pubs in Dublin” article that got shot down.  I have an idea for an interview series with like-minded expats.  I need to write some guides for how to set up a life in Dublin.  Basically, I want to amplify and diversify the content on this blog.

I start the dreaded month of overnight shifts tomorrow but have off on Tuesday and will get cracking on my newly-hatched plan.  Work has made it difficult to balance any semblance of a normal life but with a light at the end of this tunnel brewing, I feel confident to push forward.  This more proactive stance will pave the way for the future I’m envisioning so here’s hoping I can stick to my guns.

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