Daily Grind

A promising start

I’ve let a somewhat obscene amount of time pass between this and the last post and in doing so am already neglecting one of my resolutions for 2018.  Last year, I did the A to Z thing, which was a fun exercise and got me thinking about all the things I’d like to improve upon and new things I want to try.  But in reality, 26 things are a lot to accomplish the the span of a year.  Is it possible to do that many?  Sure.  Being honest with myself though, and coming to terms with my love of spending entire weekends in bed watching Always Sunny reruns and eating pizza, I know that trying to achieve that many goals would be a feat.  That said, I did manage to cross off 12 or so (I say or so as I’ve misplaced the original list) and among those were things that vastly improved quality of life including finding a studio and bringing my dog here from the States.

I tried to keep it simpler this year and focused on a mind, body, spirit slant which included side goals for reading, writing, and travel.  I’m already on-track for one of my writing goals which was to publish two articles in a year — today my piece on cultural experiences in Ireland while studying abroad was posted on Go Overseas as a promotional article for their 2018 Ireland Scholarship competition, which I applied to in 2016.  But I suppose one goal can’t help but suffer at the expense of another, and my neglect of my own personal writing has been evident with this long hiatus.

Work continues to be an all-consuming aspect of my life.  I’ll admit it has been hard to find a proper work-life balance which has left me feeling exhausted and unfortunately, physically ill.  I’ve been sick four times in the past three months which can only be explained by the crazy hours, intense pace, and confined space where my coworkers and I pass germs around like the hot potato wedges we inevitably end up eating most days from one of the many take-out places we order from.  Such is the life of a startup though.  I didn’t imagine it would be this full-on which maybe was naive, but I had no other such experience to base my expectations on.  As our team continues to grow, I think things will become more stable and less manic.  Fortunately, we begin month-long shift schedules starting in February.  The first month my team is on all overnights (11 pm to 7 am) which will turn us all into shadow people, but that just means we don’t have to do that shift again for another three months.  The semblance of a routine will help drastically with normalizing my sleep patterns and overall health, so I welcome it enthusiastically.

The small bit of free time that’s left in between work, writing for money, and bed pizzas is spent planning travel for the coming months.  I have plans to return to Spain, finally get to France for the first time, go somewhere uncharted (looking at Africa, Asia, or South America), and do some more exploration around this beautiful island.  My mom is coming for a visit over my birthday in April and I am beyond excited to show her around the place that’s become so dear to my heart.  We’ve talked about renting a car so we can take the dog with us; an Irish road trip with one of my favorite people is sure to be an incredible experience.

Big plans and dreams aside, I continue to take things one day at a time and try to allow time for silence and stillness among the chaos.  I am already feeling refreshed and hopeful after a not-so-great year so I’m confident that I’m ready to take all 2018 has in store for me in stride.

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