When it rains, it pours

At the risk of sounding like Alanis Morissette, life has a funny way of turning around when it seems like everything has gone absolutely down the crapper.  Since my last post about life’s metaphorical limbo stick, things had very much remained the same until last Tuesday afternoon.  As I sat in my office by Merrion Square, my phone rang, displaying a number I didn’t have saved.  I usually don’t answer those calls, but knowing I was waiting for news on the job, I picked up, full of hope.  The connection was terrible, and it didn’t help that the voice at the other end had a thick English accent.  After some awkward can you hear me nows, she called back on an unknown number with a crystal clear connection.  It was one of the girls I met during my interview here in Dublin, an HR specialist from the London office.  She first apologized for taking so long to get back to me (it had been almost exactly two weeks since my in-person interview) and then said she was going to get right to the point: I was being offered the position of Domain Expert, Copyeditor.

I was ecstatic.

She flew through the benefits which include bonuses for reaching targets, one free catered meal per shift, a fully stocked kitchen with snacks and drinks, 22 vacation days plus national holidays (Ireland has 9), and full health insurance including vision and dental.  [*Those are not listed in order of importance, even though I really am excited about the free food.]  Overall, it sounds like exactly the kind of company culture I want to be a part of.  They value their employees highly, encouraging and rewarding innovation.  From what I’ve read, it’s going to be a fast-paced and exciting place to work.  I can’t wait to start in mid-October.

As if I wasn’t already riding high from that news, Wednesday morning on the walk to my library job, I got an email from a lead editor at Matador Network informing me that the article I submitted had been accepted for publication.  It was a piece about couchsurfing I began writing last year in the body of an email draft.  On a particularly slow day at work a couple weeks ago, I found it, reread it, and decided it was good enough to revise and finish.  I did just that the next evening and thinking it would fit in nicely among Matador Network’s travel-themed content, fired off a submission through their “Creator’s Community” portal.  You can peep the piece here.  It was filed under their Narrative section which touts, “long form narrative essays, nonlinear narratives, micro narratives, and some of the most innovative writers working in nonfiction.”  While I may not be among the most innovative writers working in nonfiction (yet), the editor who contacted me said she liked my humor and style and requested I pitch future stories directly to her.  I’ll take it.

rains pours.gif
Liz Lemon knows: life can go from dry bones to deluge.

It might sound weird to say, but I was more elated over my article being published than my fantastic new job.  I guess in the end, personal wins will always trump professional success for me.  My writing is my passion in life; even when I’m not dedicating time to physically work on it, I’m thinking about it constantly.  Last week was the perfect marriage of both worlds though.

And next month, I’ll be writing for work and for play.

alanis (2)
Sing it, girl.

Note: After those wonderful happenings last week, I went on to sprain my already twice-broken ankle and catch a nasty head cold.  When it rains, it pours continues to be relevant but in the opposite sense.  What goes up, most come down, I suppose.


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