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New digs, new gigs

Figured it was about time for an update – things have been going non-stop since I came back from the States, but I’m moving in the right direction and find myself pretty happy these days.

Louie and I got here safe and sound, through doggie immigration (Department of Ag vet check in the airport) with no problems, and even found a cab driver who would take us both in his BMW.  He has made the transition to life across the pond gracefully.  I knew he would love it here; plenty of green spaces to explore, parks, and now, we’re a 30 minute walk from the beach!  We went this past weekend and had a literal ball playing fetch on Sandymount Strand off Dublin Bay.

Ace at fetch AND T-Rex impressions

It was all fun and games until I made a piss poor effort of a throw and it landed in some kind of pile of sea sludge that neither of us were too keen to brave to pick it out.  We spent the rest of the time walking along the expanse of sand exposed when the tide went out, splashing in puddles, and enjoying the sun.  When the weather is nice here, it makes you feel a certain kind of way.

I started my hunt for a studio immediately upon our return and was very pessimistic at first.  As if Dublin’s housing market isn’t outrageous enough on its own, try adding a dog into the mix.  I got no after no contacting landlords whose adverts didn’t explicitly say “no pets.”  I began to understand that dog-friendly rentals were the exception and not the rule.  But, just like that, I flippantly tried an open search for dog-friendly studios on daft.ie, not even specifying my price range because I knew nothing would come up.  There, at the top of the list, was a place, slightly above my budget, that was in a great part of town.  Best of all, pets welcome.  I called right away and was told there would be a viewing the next day.

The following evening, I went to the building, dismayed to see 5 other people already waiting outside.  Mind you, I’ve heard stories of open viewings for apartments with lines of over 50 people, some of whom had been waiting for hours just to get a good spot.  While not nearly as bad, it still made me extremely anxious because I felt this place was my only hope.  When the property manager showed up, she took people in one at a time according to their time of arrival but assured us that it wasn’t first come, first served.  When it was my turn, I followed her in, folder in hand containing references, my residency paperwork, proof of employment, and even a bank statement.  After briefly looking through the place, I felt it didn’t seem worth the price tag.  Despite that, I knew that what I was really paying for was the Donnybrook address and the ability to live with my dog.  I expressed my enthusiasm, sent my references via email directly after I left, then started to wait.

That was a Friday, so I didn’t hear from her until Monday at which time I was told I was being considered.  Two hours later, I got confirmation that the place was mine.  I went to sign the lease on Tuesday, started moving in/slept in the place on Wednesday, and was totally done by Friday.  I was a little iffy about the place at first, but as I’m decorating it and making it mine, I love it more and more.  The location is absolutely amazing; the bus stop down the street from my house connects me to both my jobs and the buses are extremely frequent both in the direction of UCD and town.  The things I enjoy the most though are being close to grocery stores and tons of places to walk the dog.  All in all, I feel this place was meant to be.

Aside from the big change in housing, I started my job at the Maternity Hospital last week on Friday.  Today was my second day (yesterday was a bank holiday) and I got a better feel for the study I’m working on, as well as another I’d be helping out with temporarily.  It feels good to be back in the workplace.  I’m also still working 5 hours a week with ISSDA, which I’ve been doing since January.  I was also offered 10 hours a week with Archinfo on campus, which I took.  It’s a service through UCD that provides different kinds of maps to architects.  It’s a little bit random but it’s extremely interesting and also makes it easy that I’ll be at UCD for 15 hours and Holles St for 24.  I like the idea of getting to move around and also that I’ll have my hands in several different projects.

More news, but this is already getting to be too long and my tea is getting cold.  Hoping to continue tomorrow and also get on a more consistent writing schedule now that things are calming down.  I have to finish my dissertation though, which is due in a month, so it may not be until after then that I can really start to chase some ideas I’ve had and get them down on paper.

Cheers till then.


  1. Hi, I feel you are living close to me. It would be nice to have a cup of tea together or stroll on sandymount beach together sometimes. Can i have your address please ?

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