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This month of freedom is coming to an end, and it’s probably for the best.  I’ve gotten way too comfortable with sleeping in late and/or laying around in bed.  Those who know me well are aware that one of my favorite pastimes is being in bed, with eating in bed while watching TV ranking particularly high on my list as well.  The Romans used to feast as they reclined on cushions, so why can’t I?

But, my free time activities are not on trial here.  What I’m mainly getting at is that those simple pleasures are best enjoyed in moderation.  I need structure in my life again.  I started my job at the library, which has been great and makes me feel like a proper working adult again, but it’s a measly five hours a week.  Other than that allotted time, I start most days with a trip to the UCD gym, then usually end up back in bed reading and/or re-watching one of the few series in my rotation.

I could have worse lazy vices, that’s for sure.  A positive of this temporary lull is that I’ve gotten through four books since the beginning of the month.  I’ve challenged myself to 35 books in 2017 and have been keeping track on GoodReads, which is a super app for bibliophiles.  Once the semester starts next week, I’ll have considerably less time to read.  I actually plan to study this semester.

We start on Tuesday and it’s going to be a decidedly easy class load when compared with the nightmarish hellscape that was first term.  I’ve opted to sign up for the Graduate Teaching Assistantship, which will have me moderating a class of undergraduate medical students.  If I was able to handle a bunch of lawless, pre-teen Spanish hellions, I think a group of college kids will be a breeze.  [Be sure to remind me of this later when I’m complaining about how they’re the worst.]

I had several story ideas come to me last night while I was reading.  Both are based on my personal experiences.  The first idea, which I haven’t on started yet, concerns a part-time craigslist job during my first master’s working for an extremely strange artist in his home.  He made me sign a confidentiality agreement when I started though, so I’m contemplating the possibility he reads it and then tries to sue me.  The second idea, which would be a longer piece, I actually got started on and wrote about 600 words.  It’s more of a memoir and despite starting out somewhat dark, I managed to infuse it with Palaniuk-style humor.  I may never share it with anyone but it will be interesting to attempt to retell several years and many different stories in one cohesive, flowing story.

Will end this with something I have to look forward to: my mom called me yesterday to tell me that she had booked the tickets for herself and my sister-in-law to come visit in March, during St. Pat’s week.  I’m very excited to show them around and let them fall in love with this beautiful country on their own.  They’ve heard my stories and seen my photos, but words and images cannot accurately capture how magical this place is.  They need to feel its spirit to properly understand.  I know it will not disappoint.

Until next time.  For now, I have some bed snacking to do.

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