Escape is imminent

Time has been passing at a phenomenal rate.  It seems as if I’ve only just started out here, but somehow I find myself in week ten of the first semester, with only three more to go before Christmas break.  With all of the exams and deadlines staring me dead in the face, I’m going to enjoy the time off.

I had originally thought about leaving the country and going somewhere new for Christmas, but with ticket prices and my desire for something quiet and relaxing, opted to stay in Ireland.  I considered a few destinations during my cursory search, but decided on a hostel by the beach in County Sligo, in the west.  Strandhill, a small village west of Sligo city, offers surfing and hiking.  But best of all, I can enjoy hours and hours of solitude.  I bought a pair of hiking boots from Amazon UK that came late last week and I’ve already trekked to the grocery store in them to start the breaking in process.  I’m looking forward to hillwalking galore.

I don’t know how, but I found a bus ticket to the village for 3 EUR on the Bus Eireann website.  I’m not sure if it was a glitch or a special deal but I booked it immediately.  The 4.5 hour journey should have cost around 20.  With this little surprise, I may just treat myself to the train on the way home.

My good friend Hannah, a fellow English teacher whom I met in Spain, is coming for NYE.  I tend to dread any sort of NYE plans due to the masses of people and lack of toilets, but I’m sure we can find something a bit more low-key in the city.  In the days after New Year’s, I’m going to suggest we head outside of Dublin.  Like I’ve said before, I don’t dislike this city, but it isn’t why I find this country so charming.

On deck for the immediate future, Molly is coming back on Wednesday for round two.  We’ll be confined to Dublin until the weekend, during which time we’ll probably try to fit in some touristy stuff around my classes.  Then on Friday, we’ll hop the bus to Limerick.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of the local characters again; in particular, the barman at the Woodfield House Hotel whom we affectionately call Master Craigery.  Watching Molly and him banter is endless entertainment.  This trip will be just what I need as the most stressful time of the semester is fast approaching.

Other than the aforementioned items on the horizon, I’ve just been trying to keep focused and manage my time wisely.  My usual procrastination has been surprisingly subdued and I’m hoping to keep it that way.  As for everything else, it’s just a matter of not committing to too many things to fill up all my time.  Most things sound great on paper until I realize I don’t have the time or energy to keep it all up.  Being honest with myself in this respect is something I’m still working on.

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