When paths align

He glanced up at me as he gingerly put down his beer.  “So, are we dating now?”

I looked into his eyes for a moment before responding. “Yea, I guess we are.”

My sudden relationship came as much as a surprise to me as it did to my friends.  It wasn’t too long ago that I met him in a pub in Limerick; we hadn’t even known each other a month before it was decided.  With certain people in your life, sometimes you just know.

It’s funny how the universe works, how your path crosses with some individuals and not with others.  Molly and I went to Limerick with the intent of staying one night but because it felt right, we woke up each morning and booked another day.  If we had stuck to our itinerary, his path is one that I probably never would have aligned with.

He was born 10 days after me, in another country and continent.  Had we been born in the same town, we would have been classmates, playmates.  Instead, we grew up with different experiences, accents, cultural references.  But despite all this, I’ve managed to meet a near reflection of myself in many ways.  The similarities are sometimes maddening; I see in him my own idiosyncrasies and how annoying things like chronic, nonchalant lateness can be for others.  I’d like to think I’ll change because of this, but I know I won’t.

I suppose it makes sense that our relationship has gone from zero to sixty.  When you meet someone so much like you, you have a feeling that you’ve known them for years.  It has been comfortable unlike other relationships I’ve had, and not had, in the past.  Men who don’t get me have thought me mean, crazy, or even sociopathic.  He gets me, so I don’t have to set any mental traps.

I leave for Limerick tomorrow to spend the weekend with him and meet his family and friends.  Usually, simply the thought of the latter would cause a storm surge of anxiety to spring up, but this time, the waters in the deep ocean of my mind are as smooth and as calm as glass.

I’m aware that this is all happening very fast, but since it feels natural, I don’t question it.  Without the typical games, I haven’t had to wonder about my future moves.  And that’s refreshing.




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