When the spirit moves you

Dealing with the unpleasant things in my life takes a lot of motivation.  Something as simple as cleaning my room requires a certain amount of psyching up; I need to get into the zone before I can overcome the crippling mental block that keeps me from doing anything at all.  There’s a caveat though: feeling that spirit move me is few and far between.  But when I catch that wave, I feel unstoppable.  Tonight was one of those rare times, and I think now I may have the key to productivity.

That key is a little thing called the Hula Buns and Abs DVD.  I’m not kidding.  This is actually a video that exists and was made for people like me who hate working out.  I don’t like to be in pain.  The last time I went to hot yoga, it was an hour and half of purgatory and I had to actively fight the urge to run for the door in the middle of the session.  I haven’t been back since, even though I have a groupon that I dropped a considerable amount of money on.  I’ve tried running, but I hate that, too.  I enjoyed the kickboxing classes I took before I went to Spain, but hated the drive to Catonsville.  Basically, I’m an exercise failure.

Recently, I was looking on Amazon for some sort of workout video.  I don’t remember why or how, but I came across Hula Buns and Abs.  It’s highly rated with almost 5 stars over 70+ reviews, and is only 5 bucks.  I have not been paid by the makers of the Island Girl DVDs to promote this product, so I’m not going to review it.  I’m just going to say that it’s surprisingly fun and does work up a sweat.  Is it as effective as running three miles?  Definitely not, but it’s a workout I can stomach.  I did it last night and tonight, after neglecting it over the weekend, and when I finished this evening, a curious thing happened.  I looked around at what is the absolute wasteland of my room and felt motivated to slash and burn.  I sorted clothes and pulled a bunch to donate, did three loads of laundry, and picked up the floor so that it looks halfway toward a normal person’s domicile and not the lair of a baby hoarder.

I feel like this DVD will be the catalyst I need each night to get important and much-needed things done around here.  I also feel like if I’m being completely honest, this all sounds extremely weird and stupid now that I’m writing it, but when you’re right, you’re right.

My original idea for tonight’s post had nothing to do with working out or motivation or hula, but after I got all that done and walked the dog, I realized the spirit that so moved me hours before had retired for the evening.  So, this is all you get; a post that sounds like a bad infomercial.

Tomorrow I’ll get back on track: the student visa process (or lack thereof) and some reflections on an Irish village.

Aloha, y’all.


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